Aim Vallam
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Semester Course Subjects
I Core Management Concepts
Managerial Communication
Mathematics &Statistics
Managerial Economics
Organisational Behaviour
Management accounting
II Core Operation Research
Production Management
Marketing Management
Financial Management
HumanResource Management
Research Methodology
Project Work ( To be perused during the Second Sem Summer Holidays)
III Core Strategic Management
Core Business Law
Core Management Information System
Elective 1 Marketing 1/ HR 1 /Finance 1
Elective 2 Marketing 2/ HR 2 / Finance 2
Elective 3 Marketing 3/ HR 3 / Finance 3
IV Core Strategic Management
Core Business Law
Core Management Information System
Elective 4 Marketing 4/ HR 4 /Finance 4
Elective 5 Marketing 5 / HR 5 / Finance 5
Elective 6 Marketing 6/ HR 6 / Finance 6
*Any one discipline out of the three can be choosen by the students for their specialization
Electives Discipline Subjects
Elective 1 MARKETING Consumer Behaviour
Elective 2 Sales and Distribution
Elective 3 Business to Business Marketing
Elective 1 HR Organisation Development
Elective 2 Leadership&Change Management
Elective 3 Reward Management
Elective 1 FINANCE Financial Services
Elective 2 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
Elective 3 Strategic Cost Management
Elective 4 MARKETING Retail Management
Elective 5 Marketing of Services
Elective 6 Advertising & Sales Promotion
Elective 4 HR Group Dynamics
Elective 5 Public Relation Management
Elective 6 Managing Interpersonal Skills
Elective 4 FINANCE Wealth Management
Elective 5 Project Management
Elective 6 Global Financial Management
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